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Winter White

It’s early winter here. I grew up in Seattle and there you could tell the season and even the month just by looking out your window. At this time of year (December, after northern hemisphere seasonal adjustment) the trees would … Continue reading

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The 80-20 Rule of Gardening

I am a devout proponent of the 80-20 rule in all things. Life has taught me that it is really true that you can achieve 80% of the results with 20% of the effort. Life has also taught me that … Continue reading

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Winter 2013

As part of my attempt to record the changes in my garden through the seasons, I sometimes (when I think of it) record the beginning of a season with a post (Winter 2011, Summer 2012 and Autumn 2013 being the … Continue reading

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We’re Moving!

Goodbye suburbia, hello open spaces. Frank and I have accepted the role of caretakers for 18 acres of land owned by the Wheen Bee Foundation¬†in Richmond. This property is about 1 hour west of Chatswood, where we’ve lived for the … Continue reading

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Lizard Sanctuary

Recently I went on a free workshop held by my local council. The intent was to raise awareness of the plight of lizards and other reptiles in suburbia. Like many native animals, they are suffering loss of habitat and falling … Continue reading

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Autumn 2013

Today is the first day of Autumn in Australia. I find the changes of seasons a good time to take stock and reflect on my garden’s progress. Here’s my post about my lovely garden at the beginning of summer. Spring … Continue reading

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Welcome Visitor

Recently we had a visit from a blue-tongued lizard (skink actually) a local lizard that’s about 45 cm (a foot-and-a-half) long. Or maybe it’s a bobtail. To be honest, I’m not really clear on the distinction. I call them all … Continue reading

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Ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald

Australia’s being hit by (yet) a(nother) force of nature. While the bushfires still tear through great swathes of land, a tropical cyclone makes landfall, quickly turns into a low, but does not go away. It takes it’s time moving down … Continue reading

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Garden Trolley

Recently we had a council clean-up day. This is a day where the council sends around huge rubbish trucks and strong men to haul away household garbage that its citizens no longer want. It all ends up as landfill with … Continue reading

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What’s Working?

My original thought was to blog about my incredible tomato harvest. I had planned to sing the praises of cherry tomatoes. I’ve had dubious success with tomatoes in the past (a fruit everyone can grow easily) and did some reading … Continue reading

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