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Bay Tree

I’ve had a bay tree in a pot for forever – or a good decade anyway. The pot was small and the tree was small (I’m sure this is no coincidence). That little tree somehow survived neglect by me, total … Continue reading

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Saving Oragnes

Joe has an orange tree and he no longer bothers harvesting the fruit. He knows what keen garden produce people we are so he offered Frank a tree’s worth of oranges if he’d come pick them. Frank trundled over on … Continue reading

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Honey Money

We aren’t exactly getting rich off our honey, but we are selling some already. On Fridays there’s a farmer who sells produce at a local street market. We took up a few jars and Chris was happy to set them … Continue reading

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Growing Cress

Deb, for whatever reason, no longer wanted her cress seeds (lepidium sativum) so she passed them on to me. (I LOVE that all my friends know I am happy to take any unwanted garden anything off their hands.) I have … Continue reading

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End of the Kale

The kale’s been gone for a few weeks now. I’ve kept a couple of plants in the ground with the intention of harvesting seeds from them. These plants came from seeds from my organic gardening class so I knew I … Continue reading

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New Kumquat Trees

Joe has an old garden full of old plants and he’s cleaning things out. He knows Frank loves all things garden so offered him 2 old kumquats in old pots. Frank said yes and he and I drove over to … Continue reading

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Brushtail Possum Box

A family of brushtail possums lives in our roof (photo not mine – courtesy of http://www.ozpossum.com/photos.htm). It doesn’t bother me that much but Frank is convinced this is not acceptable. I haven’t argued because I’ve heard (and seen) that possum … Continue reading

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New Succulents

Frank did a good deed, helping a woman carry a parcel home. She rewarded him with cuttings from a couple of her succulents. He’s a huge succulent fan so he was over the moon. We set the cuttings out to … Continue reading

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Gone to a Good Home

The Lilly Pilly that stood for several years in the middle of our back yard seemed like a good idea when we planted it, but it became somewhat of a problem. When we bought this house we thought we’d plant … Continue reading

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Sowing Sunflowers

Last September I planted a large sunflower crop which was devoured before most of it could sprout. The few sprouts that did appear we nibbled off when there were only 2 leaves on the tiny plant. I’m sure the bandicoot … Continue reading

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