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Transplanting Celery

In early May I sowed some celery seeds that are best sowed in September. I was being impatient because a) Frank asked for celery and b) the packet comes with so many seeds that wasting a few was not going … Continue reading

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Adopting a Veggie Bed

Our neighbours dabbled in vegetable gardening. They bought a raised bed, filled it with good soil and lots of cow manure and had an amazing crop of eggplants, cucumbers, kohlrabi, strawberries and heaps of other goodies. I was green with … Continue reading

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Strawberry Redistribution

Last September I planted 3 strawberry plants in my side garden bed. They produced virtually no strawberries but spread like crazy. I’m hoping the lack of fruit is attributable to a lack of sunshine and fertiliser (the plants were abandoned to … Continue reading

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Mixed Greens, Fennel & Blue Cheese Quiche

Everyone knows quiche is the garbage disposal of the food world. You can throw anything into one. Yesterday a friend was coming for lunch and I wanted something to go with the fennel sitting in my fridge. I wandered into … Continue reading

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Peas, Kale and Fennel

Over the past 2 days I’ve been sowing some winter crops. I soaked the peas (snow (right) and normal (left)) over night. One looks suspicious – it floated and has a black spot on it – but I planted it … Continue reading

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Delicious Dandelions

On Saturday Paul brought over a box of dandelions. He’d been weeding and he knew our chickens LOVE dandelions. He and I fed them a few handfuls and I carried the box away for ongoing treats. On Sunday, Chris and … Continue reading

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Compost on the Critical Path

I sowed a bunch of seeds back on March 7th. Some of them, mainly the lettuce and rocket, were ready to get out of their planters (left) and into the ground this week. But before I could plant the seedlings out, I … Continue reading

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Misplaced Tree Fern

I’m not pointing fingers, but whoever planted these two tree ferns (cyathea cooperi) at our back door wasn’t thinking ahead. Okay, I am pointing fingers – Mother Nature, try again. They’re great plants but they are a bit big for this … Continue reading

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Remote Gardening

Part of my travel preparation was to spread seedlings far and wide in the hopes that some of them would do something, somewhere. Okay, not that far or wide. I scattered some through my various beds, gave a few to … Continue reading

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Cosmos Anyone?

On 6 September I sowed a bunch of flower seeds. When I left home in late October for my Summer/Winter in Germany, there were random seedlings appearing in a few spots, but nothing amazing. This bed was over-planted with sunflower … Continue reading

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