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As I continue to make my way through the garden beds on the farm, I keep uncovering all kinds of cool things. For example, a bird bath. Seriously, you couldn’t see this thing before I cut back some flowering ginger … Continue reading

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New Home, New Chicken Run

The first thing we had to do before we could move to Richmond was build a fox-proof chicken run. We’ve seen foxes on the land twice already and the previous occupant reportedly lost some chooks to foxes. As if that … Continue reading

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Parrot (not Possum) Box

In November, Possums moved into our parrot box. It didn’t really matter that it was possums rather than parrots, I was happy as long as some local fauna was making use of all that hard (okay, easy) work. The possums were … Continue reading

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Recycled Fencing

Last year we had our back fence replaced. It was totally decrepit but it had been made of hardwood palings (granted, over 1/2 century ago) and some of that wood was still “useable”. At least after a bit of work. … Continue reading

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Feeding my bees

When we made the decision to requeen our swarm hive, we decided that it wouldn’t hurt to feed them a little sugar-water at the same time. Basically, feeding never hurts and just might help in pretty much any bee situation. This hive … Continue reading

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Possum Box Update

We have installed 3 possum boxes on our property. The first was designed to be home to a sugar glider. No sugar glider moved in but a bee swarm did. That box is now positioned nice and low in the … Continue reading

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Keeping Bees Cool

Bees are great at climate control. They keep the hive at a constant temperature of about 35 C (95 F) day and night. When it’s cold outside, they huddle together around the brood and shiver their muscles to generate heat. When … Continue reading

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Garden Trolley

Recently we had a council clean-up day. This is a day where the council sends around huge rubbish trucks and strong men to haul away household garbage that its citizens no longer want. It all ends up as landfill with … Continue reading

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Cabbage Moth Net

Frank was reading an organic gardening supply magazine recently (as you do) and came across some information on how to deal with cabbage moths, a.k.a. Laura’s Nemeses. There are sprays to kills the caterpillars, there is the strategy of picking the caterpillars … Continue reading

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Solar Beeswax Melter

If you have bees, you end up with beeswax. If you have messy bees, you end up with a lot of beeswax. No matter where the wax comes from, you’ve got to melt it to a) separate out any honey … Continue reading

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