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Spring is in the Air

It’s the first week of autumn here but spring is definitely in the air. The days are cooling off, we’ve had a good amount of rain and the garden is bursting into life. Even the animals are going for it. … Continue reading

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Summer Garden Work

The garden continues to tick over, but it’s not producing as well as it was a month ago. Mid-summer is a hard time in gardens in Sydney. But I think it’s partly my fault for sowing everything in a manner … Continue reading

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Home Grown vs Store Bought

One of the major reasons people like to grow their own vegetables is the taste. Home grown is supposed to blow you away after a lifetime of eating worn out store bought vegetables. And I must confess that sometimes it … Continue reading

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Best Salad Ever

I have no idea why I liked this salad so much, I just did. I’ve been eating salads almost daily for quite a while since my garden is overwhelming me, but this one was a meal and tasty and it … Continue reading

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Enough Greens

How many greens is enough? I’m not sure there’s ever enough. I’ve been constantly sowing and planting out a variety of seedlings and we’ve been able to harvest non-stop for months now. In fact, the beds are pretty chockers with … Continue reading


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Green Smoothie

Last weekend I took a class on raw foods. I had taken a different version of the same class a year ago. The instructor has lived for a decade without cooking her food (anything over 42 C starts to kill … Continue reading

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A Variety of Seedlings

After any number of winter and autumn sowings, I’ve ended up with a mixed bag of seedlings on my plant stand. Saturday was the day to put some/more/some more of them in the ground. The main desperation arose from the tomatoes … Continue reading

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Healthy Lunch

Today the menu is a roll (I make my own from scratch) with a fried egg (courtesy of the chickens), a green salad (lettuce and rocket from the garden), fresh peas (normal and snow peas) and a handful of strawberries … Continue reading

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Transplant Shock

In the past I’ve worried a lot about transplant shock. When you remove seedlings from a seed tray, separate them and then stick them in the ground, they really suffer. So much so that I’ve often wondered if it wouldn’t be better … Continue reading

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Basil, Lettuce, Kohlrabi & Spring Onions

I continue to sow more seeds. The basil and spring onions I put straight in the ground about 5 weeks ago haven’t sprouted. The lettuce that I’ve been eating for weeks is on its last legs and its replacement that … Continue reading

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