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As I continue to make my way through the garden beds on the farm, I keep uncovering all kinds of cool things. For example, a bird bath. Seriously, you couldn’t see this thing before I cut back some flowering ginger … Continue reading

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Hitchcockian Farm

The other day I found myself on a set from The Birds at the Richmond Farm. Or that’s what it felt like. It’s the pecan trees, they attract an incredible amount of animal life – birds being my favourite visitors, … Continue reading

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Do I have a Pet Cockatoo?

Methuselah (that’s what I’ve named him) has moved into a pecan tree above the chicken run. He’s either sick or very old (or both). I suspect he’s old – which means something because cockatoos live easily to 80. He’s lost … Continue reading

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Lizard Sanctuary

Recently I went on a free workshop held by my local council. The intent was to raise awareness of the plight of lizards and other reptiles in suburbia. Like many native animals, they are suffering loss of habitat and falling … Continue reading

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Crimson Rosellas

I recently posted about my impromptu aviary. I mentioned that when the sunflowers ripened, I would be adding parrots to the list of birds visiting my back garden. Well, the sunflowers are ripening. Here are the first visitors: crimson Rosellas. … Continue reading

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Do Brushturkeys Eat Chicken Feed?

When Frank and I recently spotted a brushturkey in our back garden, it prompted me to wonder aloud, “Do you think brushturkeys would eat our chook’s food?” Frank assured me they wouldn’t. I wasn’t convinced. They do scratch up insects … Continue reading

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Possum Box Update

We have installed 3 possum boxes on our property. The first was designed to be home to a sugar glider. No sugar glider moved in but a bee swarm did. That box is now positioned nice and low in the … Continue reading

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Honestly, there’s no point in being anything but resigned to reality. The painful truth is that critters like home-grown vegetables. My garden had a good pest-free run. It had been ages since a possum raided my avocado tree or a … Continue reading

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Spring is in the Air

It’s the first week of autumn here but spring is definitely in the air. The days are cooling off, we’ve had a good amount of rain and the garden is bursting into life. Even the animals are going for it. … Continue reading

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My chickens aren’t the best at sharing. Poor Rosie gets pecked often when she tries to eat from the same food trough/plate/source as Isabel. Bronwyn is more relaxed but sometimes she’ll chase both Rosie and Isabel away from anything she … Continue reading

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