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Summer Garden Work

The garden continues to tick over, but it’s not producing as well as it was a month ago. Mid-summer is a hard time in gardens in Sydney. But I think it’s partly my fault for sowing everything in a manner … Continue reading

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More Flowers

A couple of days ago I posted some photos of the autumn colours in my garden. I picked a few photos after wandering my garden without really worrying about getting them all. But now as I stroll around my yard, others keep catching … Continue reading

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Slipper Orchids

Years ago, Grace gave us a pot with what looked like a bunch of fronds living in it. She declared them slipper orchids and we took them home to wait and see. The pot ended up stuck under a tree … Continue reading

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Various plant that provide no sustenance but are kind of rewarding when they finally bloom. All prefer 100% neglect and bloom when they’re good and ready to. No prompting by me has ever been successful.

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