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Pest Control

My chickens are good at many things. Laying eggs is the obvious one. Being down right adorable is another. The 3rd, and less often praised talent that my chooks posses, is as pest controllers. On more than one occasion, I’ve watched … Continue reading

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Not Another Possum Post!!!

Yes, another possum post. I keep thinking I know everything the possum will do, what it will eat, and where I can expect my possum-losses to accumulate. I keep being surprised at how many ways my possum can eat me … Continue reading

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Consequences of that Cat

Well, since that scary cat attacked my chickens, their behaviour has continued further down the same path. Not only do they avoid foraging in the bottom of the garden, they don’t seem keen on laying down there either. For a few … Continue reading

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Scary Cat

There is a new cat in the neighbourhood. I have a bit of a love/hate thing going with cats these days and this new one is moving squarely into the hate category. On the plus side, cats are sweet. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Probably a Possum

I can’t help myself, I continue to try to figure out who my vegetable thief is. I doubt there is any more I can do to protect myself, but the curiosity simply kills me. I harvested a nice, (1 kilo) … Continue reading

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Honestly, there’s no point in being anything but resigned to reality. The painful truth is that critters like home-grown vegetables. My garden had a good pest-free run. It had been ages since a possum raided my avocado tree or a … Continue reading

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Spring is in the Air

It’s the first week of autumn here but spring is definitely in the air. The days are cooling off, we’ve had a good amount of rain and the garden is bursting into life. Even the animals are going for it. … Continue reading

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Self-harvesting, Self-seeding, Magical Potatoes

Everyone knows about potatoes: You plant them and they sprout lots of dark, green leafy stems. Sometime later, those stems die back and you can leave the potatoes in the ground where they wait patiently for you to harvest them … Continue reading

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My Poor Avocado Tree

I had such high hopes for my avocado tree this year. It was looking healthy and had its first batch of fruit; maybe 25 avocados in total. I really love avocados and really really wanted to harvest at least one … Continue reading

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What Else but a Possum

What else could have done this but a possum? Inside the teepee of cucumber vines I found the remains of more than one tomato. Possums only come out at night, why would it hide in this little “room”? It does … Continue reading

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