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What’s Working?

My original thought was to blog about my incredible tomato harvest. I had planned to sing the praises of cherry tomatoes. I’ve had dubious success with tomatoes in the past (a fruit everyone can grow easily) and did some reading … Continue reading

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Cabbage Moth Net

Frank was reading an organic gardening supply magazine recently (as you do) and came across some information on how to deal with cabbage moths, a.k.a. Laura’s Nemeses. There are sprays to kills the caterpillars, there is the strategy of picking the caterpillars … Continue reading

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Tasty Tomatoes

I don’t have any personal experience in this – my tomatoes aren’t ripe yet – but I have it on good authority that they are really tasty!!!! I specifically planted only cherry tomatoes this year (I did leave 2 volunteer … Continue reading

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Cabbage Moths

My broccoli is really healthy this season. It’s been a great crop of leaves, but the flowers have been kind of stunted and I couldn’t figure out why. It gets plenty of water, a regular feed of chook poo tea … Continue reading

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Humans are sooooo Stooopid

Only a stupid creature would build a fence around really tasty vegetables. My poor chickens can only watch in horror as we fortify and re-fortify the veggie patch. I wonder what they think. Probably that we have pea brains are … Continue reading

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Protecting my Avocados

My avocado tree has avocados for the first time this year. It’s something like 8 years old and it started from a seed sprouting in my compost heap. I’ve watched and hoped and waited and worried and now it looks … Continue reading

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Breaking In

We’ve had a couple of break-ins at our place in the past week. Always perpetrated by Bronwyn. She looks totally innocent when caught but she can’t plead innocent, we catch her red-handed inside the vegetable patch. Even if she had managed to … Continue reading

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What did that?

Every morning I go out into my garden with a little bit of trepidation, worried about what I might find. It’s a rare day where there is no damage from some sort of critter. Most are easy to identify. This … Continue reading

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Almost Lost an Egg

Recently I went to let the chickens out at 7 AM (the sun comes up at a much more socially acceptable hour since we went on summer time). Rosie and Isabel were pacing by the gate but Bronwyn was still … Continue reading

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Distressed Cabbage

My cabbage is very worried. And it has a right to be. It lives all alone, no garden bed to surround it, no other cabbages to commune with. The stress is causing it to lose part of many of its leaves. … Continue reading

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