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Soup for Seven

A volunteer pumpkin vine sprung from the compost in autumn. It finally collapsed and the pumpkins needed harvesting before they rotted and/or were eaten by whatever eats pumpkins (rats and possums at least). I know exactly one thing to do with pumpkins, … Continue reading

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Butternut (or any) Pumpkin Soup Recipe

We are growing squash in our garden (we call it pumpkin but I think the rest of the world would call it a butternut squash). I’m not exactly sure where the seeds came from. I planted what was supposed to … Continue reading

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Strawberries and Potatoes

On Wednesday Frank and I took a Farm Gate tour of the local farming region in the Hawkesbury basin. One of the places we stopped sold strawberry plants so we bought 3 (variety unknown). When we came home they went … Continue reading

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Moon-blessed Root Vegetables

Today the moon is in its full moon phase. According to the lunar calendar it should be a great day for sowing or planting out root crops. It was a perfect chance to test this lunar planting theory because I … Continue reading

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Organic Seed Collection

Yesterday I went to part 2 (of 2) of my Organic Gardening class. I didn’t actually learn a whole lot, but I found it interesting and inspiring nonetheless. Towards the end of the class we talked briefly about seed propagation … Continue reading

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Wild Squash

This squash vine (jap pumpkin?) grew all on its own in what I’ve been calling the strawberry bed. It is a voracious grower and seems to have no pests or mould (unlike whatever I plant with TLC). I thought it … Continue reading

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