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Kale and Ricotta Ravioli Recipe

I tried making a stuffed pasta last year. It tasted okay but really wasn’t much of a success. The filling was too wet and the pasta pockets opened up and leaked. Messy – though tasty enough for me to give … Continue reading

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Sage & Rosemary

I have some concerns about my sage and rosemary. Firstly my sage problem. I have one plant. It produces enough sage for our needs (besides Saltimbocca, we don’t really use sage) but there is no back-up. The need for a … Continue reading

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Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli Harvest

Dinner tonight will be homemade pasta filled with spinach (from my garden) and ricotta. I started making fresh pasta a couple of years ago but found the rolling out just too much hassle. A month or so ago I bought … Continue reading

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Dinner harvest

This afternoon’s harvest looks pretty good. Some saved before the critters could eat it (both of these cukes have bite marks and the tomatoes are clearly proving to be a crowd pleaser because all they need is a blush of … Continue reading

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Here are some of my herbs. The parsley is going wild, self seeding with no end in site. The oregano recovered well after some pretty ruthless weeding, and the thyme is recovering from the tenants neglect. the new chives are … Continue reading

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