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Summer Garden Work

The garden continues to tick over, but it’s not producing as well as it was a month ago. Mid-summer is a hard time in gardens in Sydney. But I think it’s partly my fault for sowing everything in a manner … Continue reading

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Enough Greens

How many greens is enough? I’m not sure there’s ever enough. I’ve been constantly sowing and planting out a variety of seedlings and we’ve been able to harvest non-stop for months now. In fact, the beds are pretty chockers with … Continue reading


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Growing Cress

Deb, for whatever reason, no longer wanted her cress seeds (lepidium sativum) so she passed them on to me. (I LOVE that all my friends know I am happy to take any unwanted garden anything off their hands.) I have … Continue reading

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End of the Kale

The kale’s been gone for a few weeks now. I’ve kept a couple of plants in the ground with the intention of harvesting seeds from them. These plants came from seeds from my organic gardening class so I knew I … Continue reading

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Transplant Shock

In the past I’ve worried a lot about transplant shock. When you remove seedlings from a seed tray, separate them and then stick them in the ground, they really suffer. So much so that I’ve often wondered if it wouldn’t be better … Continue reading

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Basil, Lettuce, Kohlrabi & Spring Onions

I continue to sow more seeds. The basil and spring onions I put straight in the ground about 5 weeks ago haven’t sprouted. The lettuce that I’ve been eating for weeks is on its last legs and its replacement that … Continue reading

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Out with the old and in with the new

One of the things I love about my Sydney garden is that it produces all year. I’m trying to get better at switching between seasons and crops so that my beds are as productive as possible. To this end, yesterday … Continue reading

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Sowing Sunflowers

Last September I planted a large sunflower crop which was devoured before most of it could sprout. The few sprouts that did appear we nibbled off when there were only 2 leaves on the tiny plant. I’m sure the bandicoot … Continue reading

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Sowing Potatoes & Tomatoes and Mulching Celery

August is the time to start sowing potatoes so this weekend I dug in the kitchen drawer where we keep ours and grabbed a few from the bag. Last year I bought seed potatoes and did a test of their productivity … Continue reading

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Eggplant & Capsicum in Toilet Rolls and a Few Other Seeds the Old Fashioned Way

Now that it’s August and winter is about to wane, the time is right to sow some new varieties of plants. I created 5 different pots containing: 1) capsicum (harvested seeds from garden capsicum, small green round pot) covered by … Continue reading

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