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Home Grown vs Store Bought

One of the major reasons people like to grow their own vegetables is the taste. Home grown is supposed to blow you away after a lifetime of eating worn out store bought vegetables. And I must confess that sometimes it … Continue reading

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Green Smoothie

Last weekend I took a class on raw foods. I had taken a different version of the same class a year ago. The instructor has lived for a decade without cooking her food (anything over 42 C starts to kill … Continue reading

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Palak Paneer

One of my all time favourite Indian recipes is Palak Paneer (puréed spinach and cheese). Which means it’s one of the Indian recipes we’ve tried at home and now, after a few goes, it’s one of our regulars. How could it … Continue reading

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I love my 3 chickens. They are sweet little things that follow me around the garden making soothing chirrup sounds. They are some of the cutest creatures around and provide me with a daily meal. Not a bad effort for … Continue reading

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Moving Day

There’s a bed in our garden that needs moving. It’s a long story, but in order to give us easier access to each bed, we’re now trying to be consistent with 2 beds adjacent, then a gap. This one is … Continue reading

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Last night we made dinner for friends: cannelloni & salad. I used my new pasta maker to roll out the pasta. My old one was out of alignment and just didn’t roll right. I got this machine for free at freecycle.org. … Continue reading

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Mixed Greens, Fennel & Blue Cheese Quiche

Everyone knows quiche is the garbage disposal of the food world. You can throw anything into one. Yesterday a friend was coming for lunch and I wanted something to go with the fennel sitting in my fridge. I wandered into … Continue reading

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Olive Tree

We had to move our olive tree to make way for a couple more veggie beds (or, to be more specific, one strawberry and one veggie bed). It really needed to be moved anyway as it’s been very stunted. Partly … Continue reading

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Baked Eggs & Spinach

With our chickens now laying, it’s time to think about trying something more ambitious than poached eggs. Yesterday we made a meal that is destined to become one of our favourites, Creamy Baked Eggs & Spinach. It works for breakfast, … Continue reading

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Spinach Pasta

Three spinach plants were shooting and about to go to seed so something had to be done. That something turned out to be spinach pasta. I’ve made my own pasta quite a few times, but it’s always been normal egg … Continue reading

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