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Strawberry Fields

Back in September of 2011, Frank and I bought some strawberry plants. They spread and filled their tiny bed but didn’t produce a lot of fruit, probably because they didn’t get enough sun.  So, almost exactly one year ago, I … Continue reading

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Home Grown vs Store Bought

One of the major reasons people like to grow their own vegetables is the taste. Home grown is supposed to blow you away after a lifetime of eating worn out store bought vegetables. And I must confess that sometimes it … Continue reading

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One of the reasons I got in to gardening was that it’s reportedly a relaxing activity. Things go at the pace Mother Nature sets and trying to rush that or slow it down to suit your own timeline is pointless … Continue reading

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Fruit Flowers

I’ve got a few plants that produce fruit. Some of them are in bloom, some have already spent their flowers and some are stubbornly refusing to even enter the race. I never cease to be amazed at how there is … Continue reading

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Healthy Lunch

Today the menu is a roll (I make my own from scratch) with a fried egg (courtesy of the chickens), a green salad (lettuce and rocket from the garden), fresh peas (normal and snow peas) and a handful of strawberries … Continue reading

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Lemon & Raspberry Verrine

I had to look up “verrine”. It’s a layered dish (French in origin, obviously) sweet or savory. Fast Ed made a great dessert recently on Better Homes and Gardens. It caught my eye because it looked like it would taste … Continue reading

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Berry Season

We may not be harvesting enough to make pies, but every day Frank and I collect a few handfuls of berries from the back garden: strawberries and mulberries in pretty much equal measure. Right now we’re getting about 100 grams of each … Continue reading

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I love my 3 chickens. They are sweet little things that follow me around the garden making soothing chirrup sounds. They are some of the cutest creatures around and provide me with a daily meal. Not a bad effort for … Continue reading

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Adopting a Veggie Bed

Our neighbours dabbled in vegetable gardening. They bought a raised bed, filled it with good soil and lots of cow manure and had an amazing crop of eggplants, cucumbers, kohlrabi, strawberries and heaps of other goodies. I was green with … Continue reading

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More Strawberry Progress

Those strawberries I redistributed a couple of weeks ago are doing very well. They are even flowering and full of berry buds. I’ve given away 2 batches of baby plants to friends but ended up with a pot full just … Continue reading

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