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Foraging for Dinner

Out on the farm we are half-camping with minimal supplies to keep us going. There’s a nice flat on the property but we don’t want to move too much in because we’ll just have to move it out when the … Continue reading

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Passata, tomato sauce and tomato juice

Tomatoes are growing like weeds in the heritage rose garden at the Richmond Farm. They’re all cherry tomatoes so probably came up from compost. Frank and I picked several batches and roasted them with a bit of olive oil and … Continue reading

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Yet Another Reason I Love My Garden

A friend phoned a couple of days ago and asked Hubby and me over for a dip in their pool and a relaxing evening at their place. With little effort we decided they’d BBQ some chicken and make the satay sauce … Continue reading

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Gazpacho Goodness

Right now the cucumber and tomato harvest is incredible. I love them both and keep looking for ways to eat them (my favourite remains to eat them raw and unadulterated) and to make them a part of my meals. Which … Continue reading

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What Else but a Possum

What else could have done this but a possum? Inside the teepee of cucumber vines I found the remains of more than one tomato. Possums only come out at night, why would it hide in this little “room”? It does … Continue reading

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What’s Working?

My original thought was to blog about my incredible tomato harvest. I had planned to sing the praises of cherry tomatoes. I’ve had dubious success with tomatoes in the past (a fruit everyone can grow easily) and did some reading … Continue reading

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Home Grown vs Store Bought

One of the major reasons people like to grow their own vegetables is the taste. Home grown is supposed to blow you away after a lifetime of eating worn out store bought vegetables. And I must confess that sometimes it … Continue reading

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One of the reasons I got in to gardening was that it’s reportedly a relaxing activity. Things go at the pace Mother Nature sets and trying to rush that or slow it down to suit your own timeline is pointless … Continue reading

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Tasty Tomatoes

I don’t have any personal experience in this – my tomatoes aren’t ripe yet – but I have it on good authority that they are really tasty!!!! I specifically planted only cherry tomatoes this year (I did leave 2 volunteer … Continue reading

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A Variety of Seedlings

After any number of winter and autumn sowings, I’ve ended up with a mixed bag of seedlings on my plant stand. Saturday was the day to put some/more/some more of them in the ground. The main desperation arose from the tomatoes … Continue reading

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