The Farm

Well, this page is a bit out of date but worth keeping as many of my blog posts refer to it. Now I live in Hobart on 3 acres of farm/bush/garden which is less intensive and much more relaxed. Plus the climate is ideal. And the outlook over the river is breathtaking. And I think I’m in paradise. Anyway, here’s the outdated info about “The Farm”.


The Farm

In May of 2103, Frank and I became caretakers of the farm owned by a not for profit organisation. The property is approximately 18 acres located along the Hawkesbury River in Richmond, NSW in western Sydney.


The Hawkesbury River blanketed in fog

It’s a beautiful piece of land with a pecan orchard, a massive heritage rose garden, a duck pond and more space and garden beds and trees that I can ever hope to whip into shape. So I’m not really going to try. What I will do is start up a vegetable garden, plant some fruit trees and try to keep the worst of the invasive weeds at bay.


The pecan orchard at harvest time

And, of course, I’ll keep the bees. There are about 25 bee hives that come with this property plus another 25 or so that are semi-permanent visitors. They love the trees and flowers even more than I do and hate the pesticides with a vehemence that all weapons of mass destruction deserve.

Honeybees in the lemon scented gum tree

Honeybees in the lemon scented gum tree

My hope is to keep the farm in a fashion that would have pleased Gretchen Wheen, the original owner of this property. She created something pretty special and I couldn’t be happier to be its caretaker.


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