Planting Shade-loving Natives

Native Violet

When Frank and I went to the Tree Planting Day we were given some freebies. Three of these, which I planted today, are shown above. All are supposed to thrive in just about any conditions including this dark spot at the bottom of our garden under the Japanese Maple. Hopefully they are the kind of plant that would live in a closet because they get zilch sunlight in this corner. It’s not just the Japanese Maple that covers them, it’s also the oak, a Jacaranda and a few other big trees in neighbours’ yards.

Not only do they need to survive the shade, the trees above them pretty much block out the rain as well. Besides the prayer plants, which I continue to spread around with glee, not much has done anything other than struggle here in the past. But you never know, natives can be quite hearty beasts.

I have no idea what the 2 little guys on the outside are called but the centre plant is a native violet or Viola Hederacea.


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