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Cabbage Moths

My broccoli is really healthy this season. It’s been a great crop of leaves, but the flowers have been kind of stunted and I couldn’t figure out why. It gets plenty of water, a regular feed of chook poo tea … Continue reading

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Humans are sooooo Stooopid

Only a stupid creature would build a fence around really tasty vegetables. My poor chickens can only watch in horror as we fortify and re-fortify the veggie patch. I wonder what they think. Probably that we have pea brains are … Continue reading

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Protecting my Avocados

My avocado tree has avocados for the first time this year. It’s something like 8 years old and it started from a seed sprouting in my compost heap. I’ve watched and hoped and waited and worried and now it looks … Continue reading

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Saving Oragnes

Joe has an orange tree and he no longer bothers harvesting the fruit. He knows what keen garden produce people we are so he offered Frank a tree’s worth of oranges if he’d come pick them. Frank trundled over on … Continue reading

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Possums have moved in

In April we hung a parrot nest box in the gum tree in our back yard. Nothing moved in by early spring so I despaired. Then, a couple of weeks ago, Frank saw a possum dart out of the box … Continue reading

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Bee Health Check

It’s been 3 weeks since we stole the honey from our bees. After the trauma we put them through (and they put us through) we’ve left each other alone to settle down to a normal bee/human existence. We knew we … Continue reading

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One Native Raspberry

I can’t exactly claim a great raspberry harvest this year. In fact I’ve had exactly 1 berry from my native raspberry plant. And I didn’t even have that – I let Frank eat it. The raspberry bush was a freebie … Continue reading

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Honeycomb Recipe

This post is about the sweets, not the contents of a beehive. Since harvesting honey from my bees’ honeycomb my mind has been busy thinking of ways to use it. Being a tragic junk food junkie, my first thoughts ran … Continue reading

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Enough Greens

How many greens is enough? I’m not sure there’s ever enough. I’ve been constantly sowing and planting out a variety of seedlings and we’ve been able to harvest non-stop for months now. In fact, the beds are pretty chockers with … Continue reading

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Peeling Gum

Our little gum tree is becoming quite a mighty thing. At about 9 years old, it towers over the massive oak behind it in our neighbour’s garden and it’s finally spending some of its energy to get fat, not just … Continue reading

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