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One Box, Two Hens

We have a variety of places for our chickens to lay but, being chickens, there is only one place they are willing to lay. Which creates a problem if you have 2 chickens who get the urge at the same … Continue reading

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Beekeeping Class

On Saturday, a beekeeping class was held here on the farm and in our apiary. Bruce was teaching the class and said hubby and I could join in. The course is generally held over 2 days but was crunched into … Continue reading

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Cats and Cubbies

I don’t post very often about my cat, Adler, because he’s kind of boring. Let’s face it, cats sleep a lot. And when Adler’s not sleeping, he ignores me, unless he wants food or to be petted or to be let out/in. … Continue reading

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Coop Scoop

  There’s always something happening down at the chicken run. I am, depending on various factors, amused, saddened, worried, fascinated, pleased and a whole gamut of other emotions by my 6 chickens. You can thank me now for sparing you … Continue reading

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Bee Club Talk

I’m a member of the Nepean Amateur Beekeeper’s Association and we meet every month to talk about bees and check out the club hives. Since it’s winter, we aren’t opening the hives and so it’s a good time to think about … Continue reading

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A Friend Indeed

Man’s best friend might be dog, but who is dog’s best friend? Okay, my dog, Rusty, adores me more than any other living thing, but that’s not the same thing as being a friend. A dog needs someone he can play … Continue reading

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Impromptu Hamper

I invited myself over to friends’ on Saturday. I was going to be in that part of town and I wanted to see them and they were polite enough to accept my reverse-invitation – they even seemed to think it was … Continue reading

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