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Unstoppable Squash

I planted some sweet corn at the end of September last year and I put some zucchini seedlings in the same bed at the same time. Then events overtook me and I wasn’t around to see their progress. When I cam … Continue reading

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We have a Lap-Chicken

Today is the one week anniversary of the arrival of Isabel, Rosie and Bronwyn. It’s been a fun week watching them settle in and find their wings (which have been clipped so they flutter but don’t fly). And they really … Continue reading

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Banana Lessons

This post could be filed under either the “Ya Learn Sumtin’ New Every Day” or the “How Come I didn’t Know that already?” categories. I just learned something new about my garden: Bananas have no season. One of the things I … Continue reading

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Convergence of Ideas

This is a gardening blog but sometimes it’s a bit of a stretch between what I post and my garden. Like today. This post is, on the surface, about me making labneh. But it is also about my garden. If … Continue reading

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Out and Proud

Today was a big day for the girls. The door to their “coop plus run” was opened and they were let out. Since yesterday morning, they’ve been trying to sneak out every time I open the door for more than a few … Continue reading

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My Chickens were Debeaked

The supplier of my hens advertises on his website that his chickens are not debeaked. Or, if so, (because Isa Brown factories routinely debeak) just a minor clip of the pointy bit on the top beak. Uh huh. Never being … Continue reading

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Introducing Isabel, Rosie and Bronwyn

Today Isabel, Rosie and Bronwyn  moved into their new home. We bought our 3 Isa Brown chickens this morning. The hens made the journey to our place in this lovely cardboard carton. They chuckled nicely in the car on the way. Very well … Continue reading

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I feel like 75% of the time I spend in my garden is spent battling pests. Today’s target: leafminer. This is a persistent little larvae that eats its way through the new growth of many plants – the worst victim … Continue reading

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Chicken Coop

We’re getting chickens! We bought a “chicken coop plus run” kit from Bunnings that contained a large jumble of parts collected from two separate returns, neither of which was a complete set. We got it for less than half the price … Continue reading

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Flower Success

In early September I sowed a myriad of flower seeds around my garden. My plan was to have a few spots overflowing with spring and summer colour. The reality fell far short. For whatever reason, the only flowers that actually … Continue reading

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