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The Psychology of Homemade

I’m a huge fan of marmalade. I gobble the stuff and don’t always need toast to put it on. You might go so far as to call me a marmalade glutton. Which might not sound like a big deal except … Continue reading

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Dad’s Banana Bread – sort of

My dad makes a yummy banana bread and I’ve followed his hastily jotted-down recipe faithfully for years. But since my garden and kitchen habits have changed, it was time to reboot the recipe. Hopefully without losing any of the yumminess. … Continue reading

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Pecan Milk

I’ve been making my own Almond Milk and Meal for over a year now. It is one of the simplest, most reliable and most money-saving food tricks I’ve discovered. But with my new pecan orchard giving me absolutely free pecans … Continue reading

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Strawberry Fields

Back in September of 2011, Frank and I bought some strawberry plants. They spread and filled their tiny bed but didn’t produce a lot of fruit, probably because they didn’t get enough sun.  So, almost exactly one year ago, I … Continue reading

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Passata, tomato sauce and tomato juice

Tomatoes are growing like weeds in the heritage rose garden at the Richmond Farm. They’re all cherry tomatoes so probably came up from compost. Frank and I picked several batches and roasted them with a bit of olive oil and … Continue reading

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First Season Honey Harvests

Brag alert! This post is all about my fantastic honey harvests. I’m unashamedly blowing my own horn while modestly giving a nod to my hard-working bees who actually did all the work. To those of you who struggle with harsh … Continue reading

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Recycled Fencing

Last year we had our back fence replaced. It was totally decrepit but it had been made of hardwood palings (granted, over 1/2 century ago) and some of that wood was still “useable”. At least after a bit of work. … Continue reading

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Lizard Sanctuary

Recently I went on a free workshop held by my local council. The intent was to raise awareness of the plight of lizards and other reptiles in suburbia. Like many native animals, they are suffering loss of habitat and falling … Continue reading

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Types of Honey

Who knew there were so many ways to classify honey? Before I became a beekeeper, I sure didn’t! As I’ve studied more about my new hobby, I’ve discovered there are a lot of things that can be done during the production … Continue reading

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Making Beeswax Candles

With the large harvest of wax from our beehives, I knew I was going to make beeswax candles. What I didn’t know was exactly how you go about making them. So I did what I always do when I’m unsure, … Continue reading

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