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Carrot Cake Recipe

I like having sweets around the house to eat (because I’m a glutton) and also to share. I prefer candies like fudge or honeycomb but don’t mind the odd friand or sweet cake either. Carrot cake is one of my … Continue reading

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Feeding my bees

When we made the decision to requeen our swarm hive, we decided that it wouldn’t hurt to feed them a little sugar-water at the same time. Basically, feeding never hurts and just might help in pretty much any bee situation. This hive … Continue reading

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Not Another Possum Post!!!

Yes, another possum post. I keep thinking I know everything the possum will do, what it will eat, and where I can expect my possum-losses to accumulate. I keep being surprised at how many ways my possum can eat me … Continue reading

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Bountiful Bananas

Bananas actually don’t have a season. The plant will throw a spear at any time of the year. This means you never know when you’ll get bananas which only adds to the thrill of a good harvest. For whatever reason … Continue reading

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Usurping the Queen

I never wanted to requeen. I had visions of reaching the end of my beekeeping life saying I’d never requeened. My theory was that bee colonies were clever things that have managed to survive without human assistance for millions of … Continue reading

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Do Brushturkeys Eat Chicken Feed?

When Frank and I recently spotted a brushturkey in our back garden, it prompted me to wonder aloud, “Do you think brushturkeys would eat our chook’s food?” Frank assured me they wouldn’t. I wasn’t convinced. They do scratch up insects … Continue reading

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Bees, Sunflowers and Birds

I haven’t purchased a packet of sunflower seeds in a couple years. I just keep harvesting seeds from one or 2 saved heads and replant. It works really well and I’m getting the hang of creating a nice, small field … Continue reading

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Butternut (or any) Pumpkin Soup Recipe

We are growing squash in our garden (we call it pumpkin but I think the rest of the world would call it a butternut squash). I’m not exactly sure where the seeds came from. I planted what was supposed to … Continue reading

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Possum Box Update

We have installed 3 possum boxes on our property. The first was designed to be home to a sugar glider. No sugar glider moved in but a bee swarm did. That box is now positioned nice and low in the … Continue reading

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Consequences of that Cat

Well, since that scary cat attacked my chickens, their behaviour has continued further down the same path. Not only do they avoid foraging in the bottom of the garden, they don’t seem keen on laying down there either. For a few … Continue reading

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