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Cauliflower Harvest

One of the cauliflowers I sowed on March 7th was ready for harvest yesterday. 4 1/2 months from seed to dinner plate – I’ve no idea if that’s normal, but it’s now my benchmark. This particular cauliflower didn’t have the … Continue reading

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Adopting a Veggie Bed

Our neighbours dabbled in vegetable gardening. They bought a raised bed, filled it with good soil and lots of cow manure and had an amazing crop of eggplants, cucumbers, kohlrabi, strawberries and heaps of other goodies. I was green with … Continue reading

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Shell-less Egg

Recently, Bronwyn had a bad afternoon. We weren’t sure what was wrong with her but she stood in a strange position (high-bum is the best way to explain it) and she dozed rather than scratched and wandered with the other … Continue reading

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They Missed Us

Frank and I were gone for 4 days this week on a mini-winter holiday. Our neighbours took good care of our chickens for us while we were gone. Yet when we got home, the hens appeared to be really happy to … Continue reading

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Golden Egg Yolk Sponge

Last week I made another Pavlova (the best by far, it was piled nice and high and truly decadent). Which meant I had another 4 egg yolks to use up. Ruth offered me an old recipe of hers for a … Continue reading

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Winter Pollinators

Amongst the long list of things I know nothing or little about in my garden is pollinators. The extent of my knowledge is that a wise gardener encourages flowers and insects in the garden because pollinators like flowers and are … Continue reading

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Ginger Progress

This is the new ginger & horseradish bed. I tried ginger here before and it didn’t do well. I’m not sure what the problem was but I’ve improved the soil so I’m hoping it thrives now. My horseradish had done well … Continue reading

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Mandarin and Poppy Seed Friand

It’s mandarin season and every day we collect more mandarins off our tree. They are great snacks just as they are, but they also go really well in salads and baked goods. Here’s my recipe for friands. It not only … Continue reading

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My Chickens Have (scratch that – HAD) Worms

This post is not for the faint of heart (or stomach). Warning, some photos may offend and/or nauseate. Actually, they probably should nauseate, they’re pretty gross. To worm or not to worm backyard chickens is a hot topic on the … Continue reading

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Winter Seeds

It’s the dead of winter in Sydney which is anything but a dead season in the garden. Many plants do better in winter than summer here – lettuce and peas being the biggest examples – and I continue to enjoy … Continue reading

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