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Mouldy Peas

I’ve been struggling with my peas this autumn. Because of all my woes, on May 22nd I started a trial to see if I could get better success by germinating my dead, old snow peas in a damp paper towel. … Continue reading

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Almond Macaroons

In a house with a steady supply of eggs and almond meal, almond macaroons seemed worth trying. I’ve made coconut macaroons in the past (with mixed results) but never almond macaroons. I found a zillion recipes on the internet, all … Continue reading

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Outdoor Bathing

Our chickens made a dust bath for themselves in their coop on the first day we got them. There was sand and soil on one side and grass on the other. They dug up the grass and made a depression … Continue reading

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Potato Shoots

On April 30th I planted some kitchen potatoes (with the help of my hens). The first (I hope not only) one of these is now sprouting. It’s the wrong time of year for potatoes – they should go in the ground … Continue reading

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Almond Milk and Meal

I’m drawing a long bow by putting this post in a gardening blog. My defence is that at one point, a bit further down, I do use an egg which came from one of my chickens in my garden. But … Continue reading

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A Century of Eggs

No, not 100 years worth of eggs. Today our chooks produced their 100th egg. I think the winner of the prize is Rosie (it could be Isabel, but I don’t think so). Shortly this egg will make its way into a … Continue reading

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Using Radishes

On the 22nd of April I sowed 2 rows of radishes in this pot (4 1/2 weeks ago). The row in the front of this photo are scarlet globes from a packet. The back row are from seeds harvested in the … Continue reading

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Problematic Peas

My peas aren’t exactly the success story of my garden. I believe that this is, in large part, because one package of snow peas is dead. The package says they’re good until August 2012, but I’m thinking it’s wrong. Above … Continue reading

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Rainwater Tanks

Way back in February 2004 Frank and I bought two rainwater tanks. I don’t want to try to remember when we actually installed them but I’m thinking it took a year (lots to do on the house back then). Whenever … Continue reading

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More Flowers

A couple of days ago I posted some photos of the autumn colours in my garden. I picked a few photos after wandering my garden without really worrying about getting them all. But now as I stroll around my yard, others keep catching … Continue reading

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