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Ten Egg Dinner

Last night we had a couple of friends over for dinner. We planned the menu to revolve around eggs (with 3 good layers, is it any wonder?). When we went to bed the night before our guests were due, we were 2 eggs … Continue reading

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Chicken Holiday Resort

Now that the chickens have settled well into their new home, with the odd free-run around the garden, Frank and I thought it would be a good idea to give them a secure (for them and our garden) spot to … Continue reading

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Good Weeds

I’ve heard of “good cholesterol” and I almost get that concept, but I never thought I’d believe in good weeds. For the duration of my gardening life, weeds have fallen into 3 categories: Hateful things that I battle to the … Continue reading

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Seedling Progress

I’ve been sowing a lot of seeds this autumn and today I took stock of their progress. The March 7th sowing produced a lot of lettuce and rocket. The Cos lettuce only resulted in 2 plants but the iceberg bounty … Continue reading

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Baking a Soufflé

Now that we’re collecting a steady stream of eggs, we’re moving outside of our normal cooking routine – I’m always casting my mind about for ideas of ways we can use the eggs. I knew at some point we’d have to … Continue reading

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Yesterday the chickens escaped from their run. It wasn’t much of an escape, they just ended up in the backyard and Frank and I were there, but it put me on notice that I really do need to make sure … Continue reading

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Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven’s Door

These silly birds are no end of entertainment. Recently, Rosie “helped” Frank clean out their coop by pecking at its glass window. This activity is so fascinating that sometimes all 3 of our chickens try to cram on the small ramp … Continue reading

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Lunar Greens

On March 7th I sowed a bunch of seeds (the moon was in the first quarter – good for plants that bear seeds on the inside – not optimal for leafy greens or Brassicas but probably not horrid). I planted … Continue reading

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Baked Eggs & Spinach

With our chickens now laying, it’s time to think about trying something more ambitious than poached eggs. Yesterday we made a meal that is destined to become one of our favourites, Creamy Baked Eggs & Spinach. It works for breakfast, … Continue reading

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Three Layers

All 3 of my hens are laying. Yesterday Bronwyn broke the log jam with a 38 gram egg. Today Rosie and Isabel followed suit with 38 & 30 gram eggs respectively. Bronwyn’s second egg is a respectable 46 grams today. … Continue reading

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