Planting out winter seedlings

winter seedlingsToday was another sunny but cool day so back in the garden we went. Above are the results of us planting and replanting some seedlings. On the left are the brussels sprouts I sowed on 12 April. On the right are the beetroot and kohlrabi our neighbour gave us. On March 16th I planted these in one of the side beds which are great in the summer but get no sun in the winter and the seedlings are struggling so we’re giving them a new home.

Today was also the day to finally plant those rosemary shoots I propagated from cuttings in 2 batches on 24 Dec and 24 Jan. They both had huge root balls so I’m confident. I also moved the two tiny (are they petrified or what?) cuttings that started in water on 26 Nov then got planted out only to be smothered by weeds. My goal is to make this a rosemary hedge to cover that nasty looking sewer cover/vent stuff.

I took 9 more rosemary cuttings to propagate – you can never have too much rosemary. Those are back in the same old pots in the photo on the right. The rightmost pot also is home to 2 weak-looking thyme seedlings. These I tried growing from cuttings taken on April 19th. They’ve been living in the pot with the brussels sprouts so today they had to move. They’re roots are tragically small but at least they survived which is more than I can say for their 4 brothers.

onionsFinally, I put some onion seeds into the seed tray the brussels sprouts came from. Apparently they are sown in June and planted out in August (no rushing onions).


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