More Flowers

A couple of days ago I posted some photos of the autumn colours in my garden. I picked a few photos after wandering my garden without really worrying about getting them all. But now as I stroll around my yard, others keep catching my eye and I continue to be amazed at the variety of nature in my tiny patch.

The spectacular displays don’t stop at my threshold. Inside, my slipper orchid is in bloom again. Having the worst botanical memory on the planet, I couldn’t remember when they bloomed last year. A simple search on my blog shows I posted about them May 12th last year. I think that is pretty conclusive evidence that mid-May is their time!

Slipper Orchid

Some photos of flowers that missed the last post follow, for no reason other than I think they are beautiful. Autumn really is the season of colour.


White Camellila



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2 Responses to More Flowers

  1. I love being able to look back on my blog and see when things were in flower in past years – one of the main reasons I first started my blog. Little did I know I would also be making gardening friends!
    Your slipper orchid is gorgeous, along with all the lovely colour you have in your garden. I love this time of year, up here the humidity is gone and it is a real pleasure to be outside.

    • Every time someone in Sydney complains about the humidity of summer I think back to my time in the tropics and say a small prayer of thanks that our definition of “humidity” is so different to yours! Enjoy your dry season and the beauty of your lush garden.

      And I totally agree about the nice surprise at making gardening friends through blogging. You were my first and I still follow your blog religiously.

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