Silverbeet Tree

Back in March or April I sowed some silverbeet seeds. The seedlings ended up in a bed that had silverbeet in it from the year before. I’ve been harvesting great quantities of leaves from all these plants non-stop for months and months.

Three or 4 plants survived the worst of the summer heat wave and are coming back producing even more leaves now. One of the plants is chest high with a trunk about the thickness of a large leek. I think that plant might be one of the ones that is over a year old. I’ve sown more silverbeet because surely some day the old ones will die – right? How long can one silverbeet plant live?




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11 Responses to Silverbeet Tree

  1. wow that is impressive. I have had such bad luck with silverbeet – hoping this is the year I do well.

  2. What is Silverbeet? I have never heard of it, it looks a bit like spinach!!

    • It’s a lot like spinach. I think you might call it chard. I use it whenever spinach could be used in things like quiche – I find it sweeter and less “earthy” than spinach and like it a lot more. Plus it’s a like a magic pudding and no matter how much I eat, there’s always more left 🙂

  3. I haven’t ever heard of one either.

    • I wonder if Australia is the only place that uses the term silverbeet. Everyone else must call it chard. Which is odd because we do have chard here as well. I generally think of the coloured varieties as chard and the plain green with white stems as silverbeet. That’s what the grocery stores call it so that’s what I call it.

  4. I just googled silverbeet and it seems it’s “Swiss Chard” (as opposed to Albanian Chard or Zimbabwian Chard????). Ah, Wiktionary says it was to distinguish it from French Spinach.

    Now we know.

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