Ginger Progress

This is the new ginger & horseradish bed. I tried ginger here before and it didn’t do well. I’m not sure what the problem was but I’ve improved the soil so I’m hoping it thrives now. My horseradish had done well here (it’d died back for the winter)and even spread. The green in the middle of the bed is the warrigal greens. I’m thinking this will be a good perennial bed with the greens spreading above ground and the root plants below.

The bed the ginger used to be in (and one sad little horseradish) was at the bottom of the garden and never got sun. This bed gets full sun most of the day. My biggest concern is will it be too warm? I’m a little outside of the area for growing ginger so I think it will like the heat, but full sun probably isn’t to its liking.

Here is the ginger harvest from the old bed that got replanted. Above ground there was nothing too impressive but there was a scattering of roots with 2 really large clumps. It’s nice to know that even though I didn’t think much was happening, a crop really was growing down there.


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3 Responses to Ginger Progress

  1. good for you growing ginger in your area! Do you just leave it in the ground over winter? Mine is in full sun, but make sure that it gets enough moisture.

    • Yes, I leave it in the ground all year round. Last winter I didn’t harvest anything because I’ve read you should give it a couple of years to establish itself before disturbing the plant (okay, I tasted a tiny piece because I’m just too curious for my own good).

      I’ll try to keep it wet but that’s easier said than done if we have a nasty heat wave and a drought. The weather man warns of another el Nino summer – my garden hates those!

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