New Fruit Trees

Eureka Lemon Tree

Eureka Lemon Tree

Today Frank and I hit the garden together. The rains abated (but it’s still cloudy) and so we put our Eureka Lemon Tree and Maqui Berry Tree in the ground. Much to-ing and fro-ing about placement, but in the end the lemon went pretty much in the centre of the yard where it should get a lot of sun and the Maqui Berry Tree went to the side where it will get dappled shade.

Maqui Berry Tree

Frank planting the Maqui Berry Tree

Update 26 April 2013: The Macqui Berry tree has grown really well with new growth every year. It’s nice and bushy and strong BUT (there’s always a but), it’s a boy. No fruit for me 😦 Here are the male flowers proving I’m not ever getting a crop of superfruits.

Macqui Berry Tree with male flowers

Macqui Berry Tree with male flowers


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22 Responses to New Fruit Trees

  1. Karen says:

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that Macqui is male or female and if you planted just the one, you may not get fruit. We are growing them in the Pacific Northwest, United States and they are doing very well! They are such beautiful trees, and their fruit very healthy, and supposedly delicious…our’s are young and looking nearer to fruiting..perhaps next year! God Bless

    • Karen, I’ve heard that they are male or female but my understanding is all trees produce fruit, it’s just that without the opposite the fruit won’t ever become a tree. Which means you still get a nice edible harvest but you need to use cuttings to propagate. I guess we’ll know in a couple of years. This year there is plenty of new growth, but no fruit. Next year maybe both?

  2. Romyna says:

    I bought the Maqui plant from Bunning store but the plants all where in bad shape I choose the best one. I put it in the ground with plenty of compost and good drainage but still as bad as the day they I bought it the leaves they got all brown spots all over even the baby leaves cames with the spots and is very slow to grow.
    I am looking to buy another plant of the Maqui I just do not know were to look is very hard to find a nursery that sell’s them
    Any body outhere can help please

    • Romyna,

      My tree is now a year old and it’s probably doubled in size. It’s got new growth on all of the branches and looks beautiful and full. I haven’t had a single flower or berry yet, but that’s not really surprising.

      I’ve had no health problems and I wouldn’t know what might have caused the brown spots on your plant. It’s been a very wet summer in Sydney and the tree has loved that. Probably 3 times in the past year I’ve put a generic slow-release fertiliser on the ground around the tree but otherwise I haven’t done anything to/for it.

      From what I’ve read online, Bunnings is the only place importing and selling Maqui-berry trees in Australia.

      This forum has a bunch of people discussing Maqui-berry trees. All bought them at Bunnings within the last couple of years. At least one has had some fruit. Maybe you can try posting there to see if anyone can give you advice on your problems.

      Good luck.

      • Romyna says:

        Than you for you help I will buy another Maqui plant from another Bunning store Hope a better luck this time.

      • chirag patel says:

        Garden world nursery in victoria sell Maqui berry in winter. its a very popular tree and sold out very very quickly, i mean within a month. check their website and request an e-mail notification for the stock. Its a huge on line nursery. BTW, just called bunnings in Oakleigh south, victoria, they have 4 berries plant atm

  3. Chris says:

    Any update on how the Maqui Berry Tree is going???

    • Well, it’s a bit of a good news / bad news story. The tree is doing well and flowered this year. Unfortunately they are male flowers which I gather means I’ll never get fruit. I’ll post photos here to show what they look like.

  4. Chris says:

    Oh ok… 😦 Do you find it suffers a lot from heat stress?? I am trying to grow 2 tree’s in Adelaide, but they suffered badly through their first summer…. I have them in pots, and moving to coolest areas during the warmest days!

    • Mine hasn’t suffered from heat stress and we had temps of 45 this year. It’s in a pretty shady spot though and so I’m sure that helped it. It’s also in the ground so its roots would have stayed cool (ish). Good luck with moving them around. But mainly good luck in having at least one female!

  5. jack hart says:

    hi guys and lady’s ,l have just bought a tree from Bunning’s too, on the card it states a sunny position, weather its male or female l don’t no, as it looks only a year old, wish me luck .
    and merry xmas to all of you ,happy gardening

  6. Jennifer says:

    Any new updates on your maqui plant? I am the opposite, with a big female plant. Ive seen fruits but they never seem to “set”. The start to grow and then become wrinkly before they ripen.
    Would you be interested in a cutting swap? 🙂 Perhaps then we’ll both be able to get berries!

    • Jennifer,

      Last I looked (in October) that little macqui plant was doing well in all its fruit-less glory. But I’ve sold that house and moved to Hobart and so am without any tree to swap cutting. I’ll be buying a lot of fruit trees and berry plants for my new home but I think I’m going to leave macqui berries off my shopping list. I want a more reliable producer.

      • Romyna says:

        Maqui berri can do better in Tasmania is cooler place. If you have a female plant is good idea to do Air Layering (look in you tube) when is ready to plant it will became a boy plant this plants when you have two or tree or more they work out themselves to be female and male plants
        Maquis do not like hot weather or too humid must have very rich soil and bit of shade
        Cannot send plants to Tasmania
        All the best

        • Just about everything grows better in Tassie. That’s one of the reasons we wanted to move here. I can’t wait to get my first raspberry crop!

        • Roger Talbot says:

          Do you know for a fact that a second tree from a cutting would be the opposite sex? Alternative information says that sex of dioecious plants is determined by the chromosomes, so on that basis a female flowering plant will produce another female.

  7. ljessical says:

    I have a girl macqui, Chilean wineberry. I wonder if we could send each other cuttings, so we could get berries?

  8. Robyn says:

    Help please, my Macqui berrie plants flower but never fruit, they just dry up and disappear ? Any ideas please.

    • Sorry, ours never produced and we decided it was a male. We’ve moved away and no longer have the plant so have no suggestions to offer. Good luck!

      • ljessical says:

        I have only one macai berry plant. I’m pretty sure it’s a female. It gets what looks like will be berries and they even turn purple, but they’re just tiny juiceless things. If anyone has a male & could send me cuttings, I’d be happy to send cuttings from my plant. I think if they were mailed moist in a plastic bag, maybe with an ice pack it should make it in the mail. I’m in SF Bay area in California.

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