Treasure Hunt

In preparation for a couple of new veggie beds, Frank has to move our olive tree (that’s the tiny tree behind him, over his right shoulder in this photo). It’s going into a pretty open space near the top end of our garden (we’re creeping our way up and I predict that in a few years there won’t be a blank space left).

When digging the new hole this morning, he found a treasure. That’s if you call one coin a treasure (and I do). He shouted that he found a 5 cent coin, but knowing the age of our house (1928) and the minting history of Australian coins (the pound was replaced by the dollar in the 60s) I guessed it was some sort of pence. He handed it over to me and I washed it in the watering can and, sure enough, a 1935 threepence coin emerged.

Our Monarch (then it was King George V) is on the front (obverse) and the Australian Coat of Arms is on the back (reverse).

I’ve since looked it up online to find it has $1.21 US worth of silver in it and it is worth about $2.00 on the open market. I still think it’s a treasure.

The chickens got into the spirit of the day by searching for more hidden treasure. Alas, they have yet to find any – or, if they have, they’ve eaten it.


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