Seeds sprouting

rocket seedlingslettuce seedlings

Seedlings are starting to appear from the seeds I put in trays 3 days ago. On the left the rocket is sprouting and on the right is my lettuce. I’m keeping the trays damp and not in direct sun. And, importantly, I don’t think too many pests would wander under the house where they are incubating.

lychee sproutHere’s a lychee sprout. No, I didn’t pull it out of the ground. I planted it down in the ginger bed which has become the foraging ground for something. I guess they don’t like lychee seeds but don’t mind digging them up while digging up everything else. I replanted this baby and I think there’s another sprout coming up near by. These seeds are supposed to take 3-4 months to sprout and I planted them about a month ago (Feb 11) so I’m not exactly worried.

peppersToday’s harvest consisted of 2 small orange capsicums and a hot chilli. The capsicums don’t produce nearly enough to meet our voracious appetites for them but we get plenty of hot peppers for our cooking needs (and we like things hot).


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2 Responses to Seeds sprouting

  1. karen says:

    And you’re planting in fall while I’m planting early spring.

    Interesting. Let’s hear it for lots and lots of lettuce! (good luck with the lychee..)

    • Most of the info that comes with the seeds here say we can plant spring through autumn so I’m taking them at their word. I’ll be interested to see if warmer, longer days are an advantage when they carry the burden of some hot, blistering days or whether shorter cooler days will win out in the harvest stakes.

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