Strawberries and Potatoes

On Wednesday Frank and I took a Farm Gate tour of the local farming region in the Hawkesbury basin. One of the places we stopped sold strawberry plants so we bought 3 (variety unknown). When we came home they went straight in the ground in the middle western-fence bed. This photo shows them (right foreground). The potatoes planted on 21 August are in the left bed and the one potato out of the kitchen is in the back of the strawberry bed. All the potato plants are up and looking good.

Today I planted out some of the seedlings I had going in my cabbage pots. The Brussels sprouts and pumpkin made it to the ginger/shady bed. Three wild tomatoes went into the middle-garden bed next to 2 other wild tomato plants.

I still have a lot more planting planned than I have beds to take my seeds. Perhaps one day my planning will more closely match the physucal realities of my garden (but I doubt it).


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