Potato Harvest

I have sorely mistreated some potatoes in my garden. They started out as kitchen surplus, they were planted in late April which is absolutely the wrong time of year (they should be planted in August or September), then the poor little things were transplanted (something you should never do) in July. As if that mismanagement wasn’t enough, I experimented on the plants by mounding them with mulch (rather than soil) in early October. An experiment that failed as the mulch was water-logged and mouldy but the soil was dust-dry (I wonder how it’s working where it’s spread thinly around my veggies).

Against the odds and in spite of my handiwork, those 5 little kitchen potatoes have produced a nice little crop (4 times their initial weight?). Frank points out that this harvest is more what we should expect from a single potato but is that true for one planted half a year early (or was it late?) from kitchen potatoes rather than seed stock that you then transplant? I don’t think so!!!

Potato Harvest

Potato Harvest

Bronwyn inspecting the potato harvest

Bronwyn inspecting the potato harvest

Good on ya Mother Nature. You can do it even with my “help”.


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4 Responses to Potato Harvest

  1. what a great crop-move over hen I’ll fight you for em! x

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