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Green Smoothie

Last weekend I took a class on raw foods. I had taken a different version of the same class a year ago. The instructor has lived for a decade without cooking her food (anything over 42 C starts to kill … Continue reading

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Moving Day

There’s a bed in our garden that needs moving. It’s a long story, but in order to give us easier access to each bed, we’re now trying to be consistent with 2 beds adjacent, then a gap. This one is … Continue reading

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Sage & Rosemary

I have some concerns about my sage and rosemary. Firstly my sage problem. I have one plant. It produces enough sage for our needs (besides Saltimbocca, we don’t really use sage) but there is no back-up. The need for a … Continue reading

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Warrigal Greens

Back in early October I went to a council event on backyard bush foods and came away with 2 small Warrigal Green (aka Native Spinach, aka New Zealand Spinach) seedlings that made it into the upper¬†side garden bed. This is … Continue reading

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